About Us

B&H Construction has over three generations of expertise and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

Quality & Affordable Roofing Baton Rouge and surrounding areas!

B&H Construction has been in business since 2002 specializing in roofing and has serviced thousands of Baton Rouge roofing clients over the years. B & H Construction has been the Contracting Company of choice for quality residential and commercial roofing in the Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas.

B&H Construction has certification 554648 LA Licensed Contractor Accreditation which gives them competency, authority, and credibility.

B&H Construction has the expertise to handle a wide variety of roofing jobs. Whether you need a new root or a simple repair, we can do it for you fast, and at an affordable price. There is no job too small or too large – call us at (225) 277-0799 for an estimate!

B&H Construction makes customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

B&H Construction also offers a wide range of home improvement options such as exterior painting, vinyl siding, carpentry, windows replacing, windows repair, kitchen remodeling, awnings, bathroom remodeling, carports, and doors.